Kolibri Pharmacy


Kolibri Pharmacy is a medical information software system designed to automate your pharmacy. A software package that ensures that all data relevant to efficiently managing your pharmacy are registered, managed and, if desired, stored locally.

All data per medicine
clearly organized

Information can be created per medicine such as the generic- and brand name, the active substances, how the medicine is being prescripted; per unit or per package. Per package it can be indicated of how many units it contains.

Your medicine purchases are always linked to your inventory

Orders can be administered in the Purchase Order Management module. After delivery, the order can easily be added to your stock through this module. This will take into account any changes in delivery with respect to the order.

Do not lose any income
due to uninsured medications

When issuing medicines, Kolibri links this to the patient data in order for you to avoid issueing any uninsured medicines. In addition, the system registers which employees have accepted the prescription, prepared and handed out the medicine.

Automatically linking systems after processing recipes

In this module, the offered prescription letter is digitally processed, the stock is mutated, the own contribution is automatically credited and the printing of the labels, invoice and pick up strip can be accomplished.

No more lost time trying to find the correct prices in case of declarations

Kolibri automatically generates the declarations after the received prescriptions. The system explicitly takes into account the frequently changing prices in Suriname and indicates what the remuneration for the medicines was, at the time it was handed out.

Save time and money through a simpler declaration process

The declaration files can be sent directly to the insurance company. There are no manual changes necessary. In addition, Kolibri generates an MS Excel report so you can quickly see an overview of the expected revenue based on the declarations.

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Increase efficiency by sharing
calendars and files

The software is set up as an umbrella, which can include several practices. Different practices or pharmacies can be easily added and removed. For example, links can also be made with general practitioners and/or medical specialists.

Stay in controle
when sharing data

During development of the Kolibri software we have taken into account the sensitivity of medical information. For this reason, a role system has been chosen, which enables you as the pharmacist to determine exactly which information your employees will gain access to.

The data is stored locally
What is yours will remain yours

In addition, we believe that your information should be completely within your control. The data is therefore stored on your own computer systems. Only on client's explicit request we will store data in the cloud - on the internet.

Only pay for software  
you can actually use

Kolibri offers practical solutions to practical problems that are within Suriname reality. We dropped all the extra features that no one ever uses, so we avoid making the software package unnecessarily expensive.

As an end user, you decide how the software should work

At Kolibri the customer is king. This makes it possible to have any form of cooperation. If you would like to lease, buy or reuse, Kolibri always has the right solution. Especially because we developed the software ourselves, means we are not tied to expensive licenses.

Expert Maintenance & Support team with a lot of knowledge of the healthcare sector

The Kolibri Maintenance & Support team is located in Suriname. This means that we can quickly act without deploying expensive consultants from abroad. In addition, our expert employees have a lot of knowledge about the Surinamese health care sector.

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