Over 10 years experience and tailored to the local market. Highly priced, user-friendly and confidentiality guaranteed.
healthcare software
The declaration system is fully built on your local legislation and insurers.
Tailor made
Kolibri Healthcare Software can be instantly
adapted to the wishes of the customer.
The flexibility of Kolibri
Because data is stored locally, nobody else can
access the data if the user does not allow it.
Your data always safe
A local Maintenance & Support team is available, so we can quickly act without deploying expensive forces from abroad.
Maintenance & Support
Complete software tailored to the needs of the local market. Without any useless extra features making software unnecessarily expensive and complex.
Affordable healthcare software

Kolibri Healthcare Software

Kolibri healthcare software is a versatile, comprehensive and integrated healthcare information system. User-friendly and tailored to each target group in the medical care industry.

It can be used in practices of general practitioners and medical specialists, pharmacies, institutions for the disabled and youth, home care and nursing homes. A hospital can also be largely operated with Kolibri Healthcare Software.

The strength behind this solution is that Kolibri Healthcare Software can directly be tailored to the needs of the customer. With an experienced team with a lot of knowledge of the healthcare sector in Suriname, we are here to service you.

Click on the icons to see what Kolibri can mean for you:

general practioner

Through the calendar and waiting room module, Kolibri ensures that you can better organize your day.

medical specialist

Through a simpler administration and declaration system, Kolibri saves you a lot of time and money.


With Kolibri, you will never issue any uninsured medicines so you avoid loss of income.

disabled and youth care

No extra unusable features so the software package stays affordable.

home care and nursing homes

Simple administration of daily care, medical operations and medication.

company doctor

Have all the current data available with each consultation and be able to update easily.